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The third generation of the Matsubayashi An Tamamura Touyou Kilt

  • 松林庵登陽窯
  • Born in 1969
  • Originally from Hagi City

After finishing the graduate school of Hiroshima University, Tamamura began to learn pottery from his father, Touyou. Tamamura is a unique Hagi artist in a way that he has simply started his career as an artist even after studying law in the graduate school.
At the same time, he is very inquisitive about “learning” and tries at anything to improve his skill. For example, he sends his pottery to exhibitions in order to face his own work in an objective way and also holds a study group with other Hagi artists so that they learn from each other. Right now he is trying at marketing in overseas with a focus on Asia.

“I did not hesitate to become a ceramic artist after graduating from the university because I always helped my family’s business since when I was a little boy. Ever after I began my work, everyday is a process of continuous learning from observing the clay, the glazing, the fire in the kilt and the techniques.
I believe in my grandfather Shougetsu’s words that “the original purpose of Hagi ware is not about trying to create interesting design and shape. It is about making wares that people would like to keep around. Such Hagi wares will last for a long time.” I do not intend to create something unique or something very simple. My goal is to make Hagi wares that are not easily forgotten once held in the hands.”

Regular Member of Japanese Art Craft Foundation
Member of Hagi Ceramic Association


Born in December 1969, Hagi City 

2001 His art was accepted in the Exhibition of Western Japan Traditional Art Crafts.
2002 His art was accepted in The Hagi City Art Exhibition.
2003 His art was accepted in the Issuikai Exhibition.