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Jun Taguchi 田口潤

  • 楽傍窯
  • Born in 1969
  • Originally from Yamaguchi City

Although Jun Taguchi studied oil painting in the university, he began to follow the path to become a Hagi ware artist after being fascinated by the beauty of Hagi ware, the local artifact of his hometown. Taguchi shows a determination to pursue his further interest in potteries by utilizing a variety of techniques in his work.
The artistic qualities he has acquired from the studies of oil painting are also expressed in his potteries.

“Regarding Hagi wares, many people would imagine Biwayu (a type of glazing that gives the color of decaying leaves to pottery) or Waridaka (a tea bowl that have single or a multiple cuts in the bottom for support). However the clay, the kiln and the glazing used in Hagi wares hold limitless potential for creation. Also, the world of pottery is very profound because there are countless types of techniques to make a pottery. I always try to make a product that is pleasant to the eye and comfortable to use since wares are daily necessities.
It is up to the customers how they decide to use Hagi ware. I would like to continue to make efforts in order to create Hagi ware that people would like to keep around.”


1969 Born in Yamaguchi City
1995 He graduated from Musashino Art University and majored in oil painting.
1996 He began his work as a Hagi ware artist.
2003 He started the Rakubou kilt.

Taguchi’s Hagi ware were exhibited in Tokyu Department Store, Chiba Mitsukoshi Department Store, Sapporo Mitsukoshi Department Store, Imperial Hotel Japan, Yaya Gallery in Imperial Hotel Japan Arc, Hakata Hankyu Department Store, Tsuruya Department Store, Japan-Korea Exchange Art Exhibition, Seibu Shibuya Department Store, The Exhibition for the 30th Anniversary of Yamaguchi Prefecture and Shandong Province Friendship Agreement.