Kobachi small bowl made by Sohei Matsuno. Hagi yaki Japanese ceramic. Hagiyakiyaordering number:hagi-maso-dish-0084


  • hagi-maso-dish-0084
  • hagi-maso-dish-0084
  • hagi-maso-dish-0084
  • hagi-maso-dish-0084
  • hagi-maso-dish-0084

Kobachi small bowl made by Sohei Matsuno. Hagi yaki Japanese ceramic.

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Sold Out

Work explanation

Size: Diameter7.4cm Width7.4cm Height3.6cm

Kobachi small bowl made by Sohei Matsuno. Hagi yaki Japanese ceramic.

Hagi ware(hagi yaki) made by Sohei Matsuno at Ryokuei Kiln.

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Hagi-yaki pottery effectually expresses a certain “simplicity” due to the original standards of its style, the characteristic of the clay, and the glazing technique.
Thus, Hagi-yaki pottery has been widely appreciated by experts of the tea ceremony.

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