Bizen yaki potter, Takushi Takahara. Online exhibition.

An exhibition of Bizen yaki artist Takashi Takahara is started from today.


Bizen veteran popular potter who was born and raised in Osafune and has been making his ceramic for a long time.


Takahara’s studio is filled with cars and tools like a toy box, and the workshop itself is a playground for him.

Enjoying pottery activities while having fun in the workshop is fully reflected in the work, and you can feel the originality and skill that is remarkable.


Please take a look.

Click here to Exhibition page.


-Takushi Takahara’s profile-


1959: Born in Osafune Town.


1978: Completed Kyoto prefecture potter’s training school.


1979: Completed Kyoto city Kogyo Shikenjo.


1983: Selected at Okayama prefectural art competition. (94’,2010’).


1985: “chanoyu no zokei” Tanabe Art Museum Exhibition prize (86’,87’,95’,99’,2001’,05’,06’,12’,13’,17’,18’,19’).


1987: Solo Exhibition at Okayama Asuka gallery. (87’,89’,92’,07’,09’).


1997: Solo Exhibition at Shibuya Kuroda Touen. (98’,99’,2000’,02’,03’,04’,06’,09’).


1998: Solo Exhibition at Bizen yaki gallery Aoyama. (2000’,01’,03’,04’,06’,07’,09’,13’,15’,16’).


2009: Award of “Chanono Zokei” at Tanabe museum. (2014’,15’).


2010: Award of Japan traditional kogei Chugoku area. (11’,12’,13’,15’,18’).



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