Fist Exhibition in 2020 is Shigaraki potter, Nozomu Shinohara.

The first exhibition in 2020 is an exhibition of Shigaraki potter, Nozomu Shinohara.

Shigaraki ware that fires for several days in an ana kiln (woodfiring kiln).

The period of continuous burning varies are depending on the pottery, but during the firing for about 5 days, the work of putting firewood its mostly red pine and gradually raising the temperature, get increase the ash at the opening of the wood kiln, and then do work such as melting the ash by raising the temperature inside the kiln is performed.


The technique, such as how melting the ash and when the firewood is turned off are depending on the potter, but the part where the ash melts and looks like glass, such as green, is called a “vedro”, and the beautiful view of the Shigaraki’s ash is totally different from other Yakishime works such as Bizen.


Nozomu Shinohara makes many Yakishime (well fired) works created with cray, firewood and flame.

Among them, the scenery of Shinohara’s Vedro is very beautiful, and you we easily imagine the ash is melting like dancing, even if we are not in the firing place.



In this exhibition, we are collecting and holding Japanese sake wares.

Both those who like drinking and those who are not drink sake alcohol, you can decorate it on shelves, or insert flowers in it, or otherwise everybody can just enjoy his works.

You can see a powerful works same as Nozomu Shinohara’s straight and honest personality..

Do not miss it.



1972: Born in Osaka Prefecture.


1991: Learned under FURUTANI Nobuo at Shigaraki.

1998: Completed the Graze Course at Industrial Research Center of Shiga Prefecture.


1999: Independent at Kinose, Shigaraki City, Shiga Prefecture.


2000: First solo exhibition (Gallery Touen / Shigaraki City, Shiga).

Exhibition of Karatsu, Hagi, and Shigaraki (Kobe Hankyu Department Store/ Hyogo).


2001: Solo exhibition of “Yakishime Kohiki (high-fired unglazed ceramics made

with a powder-spraying method) (GALLERY TOUMU / Shigaraki City, Shiga).


2002: Solo exhibition (Gallery Tosei / Kyoto).


2003: Solo exhibition (Galley AUN / Shizuoka).

※Exhibitions there has been held 5 times since this year.

Solo exhibition (GALLERY TOUMU / Shigaraki City, Shiga).

※Exhibitions there has been held 3 times since this year.

Solo exhibition (Matsuzakaya Takatsuki Store Art Gallery / Osaka).

※Exhibitions there has been held 4 times since this year.


2004: Established a new kiln.

Solo Exhibition (Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro / Tokyo).

※Exhibitions there has been held every year since this year.

Exhibition (GALLERY TOGA / Okayama).


2005: Solo exhibition (Contemporary Ceramics Salon Tosei / Osaka).


2006: Solo exhibition (Gallery Yakimono Naganawa / Tokyo).


2007: Designated as a traditional craftsman of Shigaraki Ware.

Solo exhibition (Horyuji Gallery / Nara).


2008: Participated in “The 1st Shigaraki Art and Craft Trail 2008”.


2009: Solo exhibition (Koubou Ikuko / Kurashiki City, Okayama).

Solo exhibition (KIKIRAKUZA Gallery / Mito City, Ibaraki).


2012: Joint exhibition of SAKAI Toshiyuki and SHINOHARA Nozomu (KIKIRAKUZA Gallery / Mito City, Ibaraki).

Received, “The 23rd Shumei Culture Foundation Prize”.


2013: “The 23rd Shumei Culture Foundation Prize Memorial Exhibition” (Gallery Touen / Shigaraki City, Shiga).

Solo exhibition “The 10th Exhibition” (Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro / Tokyo).

Solo exhibition (Daimaru Kyoto Store Art Gallery / Kyoto).


2014: “Contemporary Tea Utensils de Avant-garde CHA KAI in New York” (USA).

Solo exhibition (Naramachi Galerie Tachibana / Nara).

Solo exihbition (Contemporary Ceramics Salon Tosei / Osaka).

The tremendous exhibition by “Hyouge Jissaku.

(Extreme Potters group from the courtesy of a popular comic “Hyougemono”).

“SONO HO MO OTSU YO NO -You really like suki (refined tastes)! -”.

(Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo) (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo).


2015: The tremendous exhibition by “Hyouge Jissaku.

(Extreme Potters group from the courtesy of a popular comic “Hyougemono”).

“Clash of the Hyouge – Jissaku “Aoyama incident”“ (PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo).

“Expo-vente autour du thé dans l’univers de “Hyouge Mono”“ (France).

“Solo exhibition (Daimaru Kyoto Store Art Gellery / Kyoto).

“The tremendous exhibition by “Hyouge Jissaku.

(Extreme Potters group from the courtesy of a popular comic

“Hyougemono”) “HYOUGE DAI CHAKAI” (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store / Tokyo).

Cooperation in creating drawings of Mizusashi (water jug) “YABUREBUKURO”

for a popular comic “Hyougemono” (KODANSHA / Yoshihiro Yamada).


2017: Making in Haystack (MI / USA) and Penland (NC / USA)

Visited to Seagrove (NC / USA).


2018: “NEXT5 x HyougeMono 2018 Banquet commemorating the release of corroboration work”.

the group exhibition of items for sake by 49 potters from “HYOUGE JISSAKU”

with friends” (Park Hotel Tokyo / Tokyo).


2019: PAKUPAKUAN Reopen after renovation Event”Minami Aoyama Great Tea Party”(PAKUPAKUAN / Tokyo).

“ART LOUNGE 2019 Spring exhibition Installation for spring “Flower Vessels” (Park Hotel Tokyo / Tokyo).


Selected, “Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition in Kinki Area” etc.

And more joint exhibitions and exhibits.


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