Hiroyumi Suzuki Online exhibiton.

Online exhibition of Hiroyumi Suzuki from Oct 30 to Nov 8.


He was fascinated the fun of pottery while he was in college, and after graduating he went to Korea to train his pottery technique.
Even in Japan, the Richo Korean style pottery made in Korea long ago has been highly evaluated.
Many contemporary potters try to reproduce the masterpieces of that era and convey their charm.

Among them, Hiroyumi Suzuki is a hot potter in the Japan today.
He arranges old-fashioned works in a modern style, respecting old works and also expresses his own personality.

1981: Born in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture.
2005: Trained at Mungyeong and Gyeongju,Korea to learn Joseon ceramic.
2009: Start his career in Japan at Shigaraki.
2016: Made his own woodfiring kiln at Iga.


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