Iga-yaki, Takashi Tanimoto’s online exhibition.

From today to February 2 in 2020, an exhibition of Iga yaki ceramic artist Takashi Tanimoto is held.


One potter described Takashi as “I have never seen a teabowl matcha chawan with such movement.”

One potter says, “I can’t make such a shaped work very much,” and another potter has rated it as “He is a potter who can make elaborate works like old Iga ware call Koiga.”

Each is evaluated from different angles, but Iga’s young ceramic artist, Takashi Tanimoto is one of the most recognized ceramic artists in Japan.


A number of works that express the dignity and appearance of Iga ware with the molding technique that only Takashi Tanimoto can possess.

You can enjoy the history of Iga and the scenery of Iga area through his works.

Please take a look.


1978: Born in Iga city Mie prefecture. Eldest son of Kei Tanimoto.

1997: Entered a university of Doshisha, Literature art and major.

2002: Entered a Kyoto prefectural ceramic school.

2003: Trained under Tadashi Mori.

2004: Abroad to Italy with a scholarship of the cultural foundation of Okada.

2005: Came back to Japan and Start his own career.

2006: First solo exhibition.

Many solo art exhibitions since then.


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