Now started, Karatsu yaki, Rui mito’s exhibition.

From December 20th to 29th, we will hold an exhibition by Karatsu yaki female potter, Rui Mitou.


A talented potter who trained under a famous Karatsu ware potter, Kiyomi Kawakami.

There are current popular artists such as Kentaro Murayama and Masahiro Kishida as brother disciples.


Ms. Mito is always seeking a good soil in everywhere. Even if it was on vacation.

Then try draining and firing. She has been doing it all the time, and she is constantly improving her works in search of good soil and good firing and also glazing.

In this exhibition, we will introduce a variety of her works such as guinomi sake cups, elegant and powerful works of Black Karatsu that only Mitou can produce.


-Rui Mito’s profile-

1978: Born in Fukuoka city.


2006: Graduated Arita ceramic Yogyo daigaku school.


2006: Trained under Kiyomi Kawakami in Karatsu.


2009: Start her own kiln at Karatsu.

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