Online Exhibition, Hagi ware potter Eiichi Shibuya. April 22th-

We will hold an Online Exhibition of Shibuya Eiichi from April 22nd.


From April 22nd, Eiichi Shibuya’s work exhibition will be held at the Hagiyakiya’s online shop.
Eiichi Shibuya is a promising young artist who won the Grand Prize at the “Contemporary Ceramic Art-Grand Prize Exhibition IV” at Hagi Urakami Memorial Museum and the 5th Ceramic Art Exhibition “Toubiten”.


During the exhibition period of our shop, we will introduce objects that are not usually found in stores, so please take a look.


The Yamaguchi Prefectural Hagi Urakami Memorial Museum features works by Eiichi Shibuya from April 2nd to June 30th.
There are many powerful works on display, so please see there too.


Eiichi Shibuya’s profile ——————————————

Born in 1979
2010: Selected for the Hagi city Art Exhibition (He has been selected more times.)

2011: Winner of the Grand prix at the 30 th Choza Award ceramic exhibition.
Selected at Kyushu Yamaguchi ceramic exhibition (and 2013)
Gained Fine art work awards of Yamaguchi art exhibition (2012 Grand prix and 2016 fine work award)

2012: Selected at Tanabe Museum “Tea Ceremony Formative Arts Exhibition
Gained Ryukyu Shinposha award of Western Japan ceramic art exhibition

2013: Selected at Tanabe Museum “Tea Ceremony Formative Arts Exhibition (and 2017)
Gained outstanding performance award of Hagi ceramic artists
Selected at Kikuchi Biennale
Selected for the 60th Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

2014: Selected for the Hagi modern ceramic exhibition 3th
Selected for Toubiten

2015: Selected for Toubiten

2016: Gained Grand prix of the Hagi modern ceramic exhibition 4th

2018: Gained Grand prix of 5th Toubiten
Received the Distinguished Service for Culture Award from Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Selected for the 65th Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition


Starting with this online exhibition, we will hold many web exhibition of “Hagiyakiya X Multiply”, previously we have been anouncing.
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Takeshi Shimizu of Tanba from June 7,
Akihiko Watanabe of Celadon potter from June 21,
and more.


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