Tamba yaki popular potter, Masafumi Onishi’s exhibition.

Until April 19 in 2020, we will start Masafumi Onishi’s online exhibition, a Tamba yaki potter.

It is a young ceramic artist who is currently receiving the most attention in Tamba.


A vibrant and wild works based on Japanese traditional techniques are a unique style that can only be made by him.

This time we will introduce many teacups, sake guinomi cups, and teabowls.

Please take a look.


1980: Born in Sasayama city, Hyogo prefecture.


2000: Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College, Design and Arts Kogei.


2000: Trained Under Hiroshige Kato at Kasen Touen in Seto city.


2004: Started his own pottery work at Tanbun Kiln at Tamba Tachikui.


2005: First solo exhibition at Kakogawa department store.


To the present.


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