Yuh Nishioka Online Exhibition, start May 1st.

From May 1st, we will have an exhibition of Yuh Nishioka, who is working in Mino.

After graduating from a ceramics school, he studied under Goro Suzuki and became independent.

He was aiming to be a musician in his 20s and after 30 years of experience, he made his debut as a ceramic artist for nearly 10 years. His technique has already been highly evaluated by pottery fan and other potters.


Many people might think of Nishioka Yuh as “Kiseto”, but he is also working on various works as Hikidashiguro, Oribe and other. He has taken over the “playfulness” of his master, Goro Suzuki.

He recently made his own wood kiln, that gives him more depth in his work.


Yu Nishioka said, “I have tried various things, but pottery is the most difficult.”

Please enjoy the many works loved by pottery fans.


1977: Born in Chiba prefecture.

2011: Graduated Aichi prefectural ceramic technique school.

2011: Trained his skill under Goro Suzuki.

2014: Started his own kiln at Ena city.



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