Takeshi Yamato

Born as the eldest son of Yasuto Yamato in 1963
1985 Graduated from the Department of Sculpture, Nagoya University of the Arts
1991 West Japan Ceramics Exhibition Selected (several times thereafter)
1992 Cha-no-yu's Zokeiten exhibition selection (several times thereafter)
1992 Kyushu · Yamaguchi Ceramic Exhibition Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award
1993 Yamaguchi City Art Exhibition Grand Prize Winner
1994 Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition dento-kogei-ten Selected
1994 Japan Craft Association Western Traditional Craft Exhibition dento-kogei-ten Kumamoto Mayor Award
2001 Japan Crafts Association Yamaguchi Traditional Crafts Exhibition dento-kogei-ten Jury Encouragement Award
2008 Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition Ceramic Industry Award
2013 SNOOPY JAPANESQUE Snoopy × Japanese Masterpiece Exhibition
2015 Integrally formed wine cup made of pottery Obtained patent (patent No. 5807939)
2015-Yamaguchi Prefectural University part-time lecturer
2016 Excellent local products that Japan should be proud of The Wonder 500 certification
2016 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry assistance business Craft meet project authorization
2017 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry assistance business Challenge Local Cool Japan election Paris exhibition
2017 Yamaguchi Prefecture Achievement Award for Cultural Achievement