Yu Okada

OKADA, Yuh, the 8th Okada Kiln Master

Mr. Yuh Okada was born in the prominent Hagi pottery maker (Okada Kiln) which started during the Edo period. His father is the 7th Okada Kiln Master, Sensyu.
Mr. Yuh Okada has been receiving numerous prestigious awards. Here are some of his achievements.
1951: Born in Hagi City, Yamaguchi, Japan
1968: Graduated from Keio University. He studied art of pottery under his father, Sensyu.
1979: Selected for the Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition. Since then, he has been selected 23 more times.)
Selected for the Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition (He has been selected 16 more times.)
1984: Winner of the Excellent Award at Tanabe Museum “Tea Ceremony Formative Arts
Exhibition. “ He won this award again in 1989.
1985: Received an Encouragement Award at Tanabe Museum “Tea
Ceremony Formative Arts” Exhibition. (He has won this award again in 1995 and 2013)
1994: Received an Encouragement Award by the Yamaguchi Prefecture Arts and Cultural
Promotion Association.
1998: Interviewed for “Yakimono Tanhou” broadcast by NHK-BS.
1999: Received the Distinguished Service for Culture Award from Yamaguchi Prefecture.
His “Hakuyu yohen vase” was purchased by the Imperial Household Agency.
2001: Selected for the Yamaguchi Prefectural Art and Cultural Exhibition.
2002: Became a trustee of the Japan Kogei Association.
2004: Succeed to the name of the Eighth Okada Kiln.
2006: Designated by the Yamaguchi Prefecture as a holder of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Intangible
Cultural Treasure for Hagi ware.
2011: Winner of the Grand prix at the fourth Kikuchi Biennale
2013: Received Encouragement Award at the TOBI (The Ceramic Art Society of Japan) Exhibition.
Selected as the Excellent Award winner for Traditional Cultural POLA award.