13th Tohbe Tahara

TAHARA, Toubei, the 13th Tahara Kiln Master

1951: Born Feburary 23rd. as the first son of the 12th Master Toubei Tahara
1975: Graduated from the Master’s program at the Musashino Art University.
He then studied under Shigetoshi Nakazato for two years in Karatsu.,
Saga Prefecture.
1977: Under the leadership of Toyozo Arakawa, he formed Oyoukai.
1980: Dedicated a couple of tea bowls for the renovation of Todai Temple.
1985: Held solo exhibition at Takashimaya in Nihonbashi,
Tokyo. Since then, he has been actively engaging in solo exhibitions in all over Japan.
1987: Became a member of the Yamaguchi Prefectural education and cultural visitation party and
visited Shangdong province in the People’s Republic of China.
1988: Dedicated a pot to Ise Shrine.
1990: Selected for the Japanese Traditional Kogei Exhibition. Since then, he has been selected for
this award numerous times.
Received an Encouragement Award for promoting education and culture from Nagato City,
Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Became a member of the Nagato City Oversea Visitation Party and visited Australia.
1992: Succeed to the name of the 13th Toubei (Tahara Kiln.)
1993: Became a full member of the Japan Kogei Association.
1997: Held Fukagawa Hagi 5 Artists’ Exhibition in New York
Held an Exhibition in Seattle, Washington
1999: Received an Encouragement Award from the Arts and Culture of Yanaguchi Prefecture.
2000: Interviewed for “Yakimono Tanhou” broadcast by NHK-BS.
Participated in the Hagiyaki 400 Years Anniversary Exhibition in Paris.
2011: Held “Kanreki” (becoming 60 years old) Commemorative Exhibitions at various places.