Kazuyuki Suizu's online solo exhibition to be held in May 2022.
*The work will be displayed at midnight on May 1st, Japan time.

He is mainly involved in solo exhibitions at department stores all over Japan.
He may not be a famous potter among Hagi potters because he has little connection with galleries other than department stores, but his work is excellent and I would like to give it to people all over the world.
He goes to the lumber yard himself, chooses the type of stratum, and creates new works while respecting the good ancient works.

As a regular potter of Hagiyakiya, we also introduces his works in our shop, but this time we will introduce the latest works selected from the latest kiln-fired works as a online solo exhibition.
Please take a look at the excellent works such as the well that increases the maturity and shows an overwhelming presence, Shiro(white)hagi, Ido, Kairagi works.
You must get one, if you want to know what is good one.

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