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Sohei Matsuno, 松野創平

  • 上記以外の窯元
  • Born in 1978
  • Hagi city, Yamaguchi prefecture

1974 His father Ryuji Matsuno started the kiln "Ryokuei kiln".


1998  Graduated at KYOTO SAGA UNIVERSITY OF ARTS juniorcollege, Department of Design.

2001 Went to California to study English.

2005 Started his career at Ryokuei Kiln, under his father, Ryuji Matsuno.
Exhibit Gallery Cray " New Generation of Hagi"
   Selected for the 1th Hagi city art Exhibition

2006 Selected for the 4th international Japanese Tea culture Exhibition and award of International specialty.

2007 The exhibition of Japan and Korean young artis.

2009 The exhibition of 5 new artis.

2012 Selected for the 66th Art contest of yamaguchi prefecture.
    The exhibition of 12 new artis.

2017 Winner of the Excellent Award at Hagi kogo incense burner Exhibition.