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Yasushi Okada, 岡田泰

  • 上記以外の窯元
  • Born in 1976
  • Hagi city, Yamaguchi prefecture

Mr. Yasushi Okada, whose father is Yuh Okada was born into the prominent Hagi pottery maker (Okada Kiln) which started during the Edo period. His family has been making Hagi pottery for over 200 years and his life has always been centered around improving the technique of Hagi pottery making.

He is a graduate of Tokyo Zokei Daigaku with major in Sculpture from the Department of Art.
After studying Japanese ceramics in Kyoto, he continued his study under his father, Yuh Okada, who is a holder of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Intangible Cultural Treasure for Hagi ware.


2002: Graduated from Tokyo Zokei Daigaku , Department of Art, Sculpture major.

2003: Graduated from Kyoto Fu College of Potter Techonology, Department of Molding

2005: Graduated from Kyoto City Industrial Research Insitute, majored in Ceramics

2009: Selected for the Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition

2012: Became a full member of Japan Kogei Association.

The selected and participated exhibitions include:

Japan Trational Kogei Exhibition
Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
Ootaki Hokkaido ceramics exhibition
Kikuchi Biennale
The Tobi (The Ceramic Art Society of Japan)
Modern Ceramics, Hagi Exhibition, Hagi Uragami Museum
“Tea Ceremony Formative Arts Exhibition”, Tanabe Museum
West Japan Ceramic Exhibition
Kobe Biennale
Chouza shou Tokoname Modern Ceramic Art Exhibition
Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum Exhibition
Western Japan Traditional Pottery Exhibition
Yamaguchi Traditional Art Exhibition
Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramic Exhibition
Isshuikai Ceramic Exhibition
Japan Kogei Association Fresh Artists Ceramic Exhibition
Modern Tea Ceramic Exhibition , Toki City Cultural Promotion Foundation