Iga yaki potter, Kazuhiro Fukushima.

From May 15th, we will hold an exhibition of Iga potter Kazuhiro Fukushima.


Born in Iga as the son of a kiln that has been continued for generations.

His father and younger brother are making an earthenware pot as a family business, but he is making his own works as an artist.

The ruggedness and dignity can be felt from his Iga ware. In addition, he continues to take on the challenge of creating a variety of pottery using Shino glaze and Oribe glaze.


In general, Iga ware refers to pottery made in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, which is located on the prefectural border with Shiga Prefecture.

Marubashira where Mr. Fukushima’s kiln is located can be easily reached by car from the Shigaraki ware village of Koka.


A long time ago, in the days of Lake Biwa, weathered granite deposits on the bottom of Lake Biwa, and their soil contains various components such as zinc.

Iga ware is mainly made from those soils and is burned at a high temperature enough to melt ash.

The molten ash creates a glassy-looking appearance called “Bi-doro”, which has long been loved by tea masters and collectors.


Kazuhiro Fukushima’s profile.

1981: Born in Marubashira, Iga city, Mie prefecture.

2004: Graduated Kyoto prefectural pottery school.

2005: Trained under Ryoji Koie in Ena city, Gifu prefecture.

2006: Trained Anagama wood firing at Barkley, California.

2010: Made his own kiln and independent.

Working in Iga city now.



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