Woodfiring of Hagiware potter Touri Yoshino’s climbing kiln Nov 2018.

I went to see the kiln woodfiring of Hagi ware potter Touri Yoshino.


He is making his works by using only climbing woodfire Kiln.
Touri Yoshino’s works are loved by many Tea Masters because most of his works are for Sado Tea ceremony which is a culture of Japan.


Today Mr. Toru Funasaki also came to his support.
We also enjoyed talking about Japanese pottery.


We will show you Touri Yoshino’s new works soon.

Please have a look.


Stockin woodfire and cover the entrance of kiln.


Put firewood in the back and throw firewood again.


After throwing in firewood, stack firewood and cover it again.


Throwing woodfire.


Checking temprature.


Throw firewood from the side of the climbing kiln.


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